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Our Services


Who We Are

bergés et company, inc. - Betco, is an experienced, one stop integrator and solution provider of digital prepress technologies and other export products, obtained directly from recognized industry leaders. Betco provides the best quality, service and support in the prepress solutions and other industries.


What Our Mission Is

Our mission is totally directed to our clients and is clearly the following:

* Provide you with a unique integration service.
* Offer you the highest quality in solutions.
* Assure you the best possible service and support.
* Give you excellent value for your investment


Your Peace of Mind

With these four goals, you can rest assured because all the products provided by Betco are the best that your money can buy. We have the experience and knowledge to integrate all the different elements to the solution and to support them from one source. And, what is more important, we dedicate ourselves to all your needs.